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Plan ahead –how much time will you spend on this recipe?

10 Aug

Even if you can fix a recipe, should you take the time to do it? Here’s a lesson that I have to learn over, and over.

We planted a grape vine years ago because it looked nice on our picket fence.

grapevines with grapes

our grapevine - find the grapes if you can

Then lo and behold, grapes appeared this year and I couldn’t resist trying to use them.

grapes from grapevines

our grapes - tiny, seeded, and meant for wine

Instead of doing a reprise of the famous Lucille Ball “recipe” for wine – which is what I should have done, I roasted the grapes.

First mistake – I used a recipe for ripe, seedless red grapes and substituted tiny, seeded red grapes that weren’t all ripe.  When I made recipe before, following it, the result was divine. This time result was weird mush that had seeds throughout.

So – did I give up?  No way. I looked for quick cake recipe, and figured that I would use the grapes (put through sieve, with sugar) as a jam-like filling.  An hour later, I had my cake.

Did the grapes make a luscious filling?  Not quite – second mistake. There wasn’t enough grape filling and it was missing a bit of something. But never fear, I wasn’t done yet.  I added chopped fresh mint, some blueberries, and a few tablespoons of blueberry preserves. By now the salvage operation had taken another half hour and the kitchen was a mess.

Then I split the cake in two and put in the filling. Then I added a glaze on top of the cake. What began as a quick, no fuss, roasted grape adventure ended with a 2-layer filled and iced cake.

Was it worth it?  Time-wise maybe not.  The roasted grape recipe takes 15 minutes to prepare and uses 1 pan. The cake adventure took about 2 hours and used the original pan for the grapes, a cake pan, several bowls and the mixer, and a bunch of extra ingredients.

But I have to admit, that the cake made an unexpected and delightful summer dessert!

cake with grape-blueberry filling

2 hours later, we had cake!