About Spice Woman

In college I took at course titled Buddhist Cult Practices.  For one assignment, the professor asked us to meditate in our own way and write about the experience.   I chose to cook Indian and Tibetan food based on recipes that I had researched and to write about the experience as my personal form of meditation.  I never cooked before college and had barely learned to cook recipes my mother had given me when I left home.  I had no idea what the food I was cooking for my project should taste like but I had a blast making it.

The process of cooking fascinated me, calmed me down and excited me  – all at the same time.  Since then, I’ve had at least my fair share of cooking and baking catastrophes, along with a fair number of less-than-memorable attempts to change recipes or invent new ones.  But I’ve also made a lot of great food.  I love to cook and to help others enjoy deciding what food to make, cooking or baking it, serving it and most of all, eating it with friends and family.


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