Why learn to cook for yourself and others?

28 Jul

There’s no question that restaurant chefs cook better than you probably ever will. And cooking takes time, not to mention shopping for food and planning what to make.  Plus, if you’re living alone, why bother cooking when it’s just a hassle? If you live with a significant other or roommates who don’t cook, why be the one who goes to the trouble while others take advantage of your efforts and barely wash the dishes afterwards?

While we’re at it, any other reasons not to cook?  Oh yes, there’s the expense and space required to buy and keep all those kitchen pots, pans and gadgets that TV chefs wield like culinary samurai.

So why bother?

  • How wonderful is it to eat something delicious right out of the oven, in your pajamas if you don’t feel like getting dressed?
  • How nice is it not to have to worry about whether the restaurant will be crowded if you go at a popular time or whether it will be open when you want to eat late at night?
  • Have you noticed how expensive it is to eat out?
  • Aren’t you tired of eating the same thing all the time if you only know a couple of dishes, like that easy pasta dish you learned from your mom years ago or found in a magazine at the doctor’s office?
  • Have you ever had someone marvel at your cooking and beg for recipes, vowing that they have never, ever eaten anything so wonderful?

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